Three Kids Mine:
Timeline for Transformation

Why Three Kids Mine matters

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Once part of the backbone of America’s defense efforts, the former Three Kids Mine and Mill in Henderson, Nevada has been abandoned for decades.. Thanks to a public-private partnership, the site now is now the focus of a robust cleanup effort of historical contaminations and eventually will be transformed into a new residential community with 3,000 homes. The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) issued a Record of Decision for the cleanup plan. This document is the basis for the governing Remedial Design document and drawings. This document was approved in March 2024 to prepare for the start of site work.

The former Three Kids Mine and Mill was used for the mining of manganese from 1917 to 1961. Manganese is a component of  steel alloys, including those used in the construction of ships and tanks. Site operations were permanently discontinued in 1961 when open pits were economically exhausted. 

A comprehensive plan, under the oversight of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP),  is in place and scheduled to begin in May 2024. This massive rehabilitation is possible thanks to the partnerships and the people who are committed to doing so safely and effectively. The completed project will bring a better environment that will soon benefit all of Henderson. 

The Partnership

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) and the City of Henderson have partnered with PN II Inc., a subsidiary of Pulte Homes,   and agreed to undertake the steps necessary to achieve closure of legacy contamination associated with former mining activities on the site. Previously, a group of lifelong southern Nevada residents formed Lakemoor Ventures, an organization that began advocating to use the state’s redevelopment law to get the area cleaned up.  

Environmental Landscape 

Mining operations  resulted in pits, tailings (mining waste left over after ore is extracted) and holding tanks on the site that must be remediated. An extensive environmental investigation was completed on the site, including the collection of over 900 samples. 

Chemicals to be removed or remediated include metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, organic compounds and material containing asbestos that had been dumped on the site over many years. The approximately 2 million cubic yards of tailings are the waste product of the manganese recovery process. This process utilized diesel fuel and is the principal source of contamination at the site. In addition, approximately 7 million cubic yards of waste rock (rock that was moved to get to the ore) exhibit high levels of arsenic as a result of having been located closest to the manganese deposits itself. 

Read the facts on the Environmental Impact.​

The Lakemoor project was created in 2007 as a public-private solution to clean up this long-standing problem. The plan is to remediate the site and redevelop it into a 3,000-home master planned community. The City of Henderson and previous Mayor Gibson wanted to clean up the last blighted industrial location in the east Henderson area, but no developer would spend millions of dollars for a voluntary cleanup without funding assistance.

The majority of the land is under federal ownership, but if the site became a federal Superfund site, it would continue to sit for many more decades waiting for government funding. The creation of a Redevelopment Zone enables use of property taxes over 45 years from only the Lakemoor residents and is a unique solution. It is seen as a Win-Win for all involved parties and the only viable vehicle to fund the cleanup of the site by enabling use of property taxes over 45 years from only the future Lakemoor residents.

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