Three Kids Mine:
Timeline for Transformation

Providing a new purpose for a historic site

site layout

Once part of the backbone of America’s defense efforts, the former Three Kids Mine and Mill in Henderson, Nevada has been abandoned for decades. Thanks to a public-private partnership, a robust cleanup effort will transform the site into a new residential community with 3,000 homes.

Beginning in 1917, Three Kids Mine provided manganese for the construction of ships, tanks and other military equipment. Operations were discontinued in 1961 and the site has remained vacant – until now. 

A comprehensive remediation plan was developed and is being implemented with oversight from the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).  Once complete, the project will improve environmental quality and provide new high-quality housing options to benefit Henderson and surrounding communities.

NDEP issued a Record of Decision for the cleanup plan, providing a basis for the governing Remedial Design document and drawings.

The Partnership

NDEP and the City of Henderson have partnered with PN II Inc., a subsidiary of Pulte Homes, to implement the necessary steps to safely contain leftover pollutants from previous mining activities. This builds on previous work by a group of lifelong southern Nevada residents who formed Lakemoor Ventures to advocate for using the state’s redevelopment law to support cleanup efforts.  

Environmental Landscape

Mining operations left pits, holding tanks and waste materials on the site that must be remediated to safely accommodate new residents. An extensive environmental investigation was completed on the site, including the collection of over 900 samples. 

Remediation efforts will comprehensively address leftover diesel fuel, metals, chemicals, waste rock and other material. Read the facts on the Environmental Impact.​ Funding from this project will come from property taxes generated by the new homes that will be built on the site.

The Three Kids Mine Story

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